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Professional Cat Sitting and Cat Care Services

The CatButler's  services are ideal for the following felines of Duvall WA, Redmond Ridge and Trilogy:

• Cat Parents Who Are Chronic Worriers (it's ok to admit)

• Senior Humans and Their Feline Friends
• Cats and Their Caged Codependents
• Giving Your Neighbors/Friends a Guilt Free  Break
• Frequent Flyer Felines/Humans
• Medically Fragile Felines
• Finicky Felines Who Deserve the Finest

Busy, Stressed, Humans ..Anyone You May know?



The CatButler attends to your feline's basic needs including  feeding, providing fresh water, and scooping out the kitty box and/or replacing litter.  Chose from 3 options!

"Homeosapien Happiness"  15 minute visit/$ 25.00 fee:  Choose this option for up to two felines who are healthy,  happily  independent and when you may be absent for just a few days.  This option  is also ideal for humans who don't need a daily report on their fluffy feline.  Details are handled with the utmost care.....relax!  

• Food Replenished /Fresh water supplied
• Feline's well being checked/Lovies /Freshening and scooping out the catbox
• House secured. Feline content. "Good job, Mate!"


"Purrrfectly Pampered PussyCat" 30 minute visit/$35.00 fee:   The CatButler's most popular option!  Choose this option for up to two felines who may need oral medication, more lovies, or if  you are gone for more than a few days.  This option is also ideal for  humans who desire a daily text, email or photo of their pal's status.  This option includes the above basics plus the following:

Grooming/brushing if tolerated for our long haired  felines
Playtime, spoiling, petting, lap time

Medications, including pills, oral liquids, and supplements given
Supervised outside play if approved by human.  Outside area must be safe and secured

Human's mail or daily paper brought into the home.
Your choice of a daily text, or email including a photo updating you on your feline friend

"Super Senior Human and Feline Advocate Service"  $ 240.00 monthly flat fee:   Do you have a senior in your life that lives in assisted living or is over the age of 75 and would benefit from up to 10,  twenty minute visits per month for CatButler assistance?  This option will be a wonderful gift to both senior human and feline alike!  This option is for seniors over 75, folks in assisted living or medically fragile humans who desire  help with the care of their feline. 

• Food Replenished
Fresh water supplied

Feline's well-being checked
Freshening, scooping, and disposing of kitty litter

Grooming/brushing long haired felines
Tender loving care all the way around




Routine Vet Trip$ 65.00/hr. additional fee.  Immunizations; Pick up; Drop off:    Take the vet office trip off your "to do" list.   Ideal for humans who need to be at work and rush hour is a four letter word.  Come home safely to your feline where both of you can feel the love.

Emergency Vet Trip: $ 125.00/hr additional fee.  Unfortunately, emergencies occur, and  you may wake up to a feline who requires immediate medical attention.  If available, The CatButler will drop everything and come running to your rescue. 

Pet Food Errand Run:  $ 20.00 additional fee:  Hey, we've all been there.  Eliminate the dreaded extra trip to the pet store after work.  Come on home, put your feet up, and give your feline a smooch.  The CatButler has you covered!

SQ IV Feline Hydration:  $4.00 per occurrence additional fee.    Let the CatButler attend to your feline's special medical needs.  Hydration IV's are a natural with my nursing skills so please let me help.

Add a cat: $3.00 additional fee per feline.  Did you know that a group of cats is called a "clowder?"

Caged codependent: No charge.  Yep, free.  Snakes and spiders are not a problem for this CatButler!

Canine  codependent:  $12.00 per visit additional fee.  This is a rare request that is granted by special circumstances

Do you have a certain need/request  that hasn't been listed ?  Please call Jean at 425-615-6353 and ask.  Feline flexibilty is a good thing..........


Cash and personal checks are accepted methods of payment at time of service.    Thank you  for helping supporting this local , one woman cat business!



New Year's Day- $10 per visit

Memorial Day- $10 per visit

July 4th- $10-per visit

Labor Day- $10-per visit

ThanksGiving-$20-per visit

Christmas Eve- $20 per visit

Christmas Day- $20 per visit



Contact Jean The CatButler in Duvall, Washington, at (425) 615-6353 for professional cat sitting and cat care services.