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 About The CatButler*

Jean the CatButler, has been  a lover of cats since 1960 and  devotedly  offers attentive in-home feline  pet sitting services in the comfort of your cat's private domaine.  Sanctuary is bliss...............

Jean The CatButler happens to hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.  Bonus! Jean passionately combines  her  nursing skills centering around  today's  care for medically fragile felines and their human counterparts.

Jean believes it should be a  right for EVERY human to have their beloved cat by their side until death do them part.

Maybe, your feline is a baby, just like  my Harley.  Or,   Maybe, your "baby" is an aging feline.  Your goals may be "different" from the average pet sitter.  This is where the CatButler  services are just as  unique to your feline as they are  to you, their human guardian.   It is my privilege  to take care of your cat's needs  allowing  you and your feline friend to  find peace in every step of your  journey together. 

Dedicated in loving  memory of  my mother , Marjorie,  and the three loves of her life...........my dad, "babydoll"and "Lidda Cat"

The CatButler's Story


I'm a firm believer that events happen for a reason.  The CatButler was created to fill a niche in my own life.

 First, years ago, I  had a cat named " SNOTS" who demanded to go in and out.....and out and in....and my family said I had turned into Snot's full time  butler.  Hmmmmm...  Last year I became the proud, slightly overly protective mom to a 2.2-lb.  piece of Himalayan fluff, "Harley."  In addition, My  91year-old mom needed  aging "Lidda's" box cleaned and special cat food delivered so mom  and cat could maintain their independence.    Furthermore, "Cal Cal" , needed twice daily antibiotics and my sister, located in a teeny, tiny town in Minnesota was in a total panic.

I figured if  half my family had specific feline needs then other people did too.  

How I Became Jean The CatButler

Like most felines, I like my privacy.   I didn't want a pet service where multiple people would be traipsing about my home.  Nor, did I want a pet service that pet sat anything from parrots to barn animals. 

My mom, sister and I simply wanted peace of mind knowing that the care, attention, and protection of our feline best friend and home was being handled by a professional, kind, detail oriented, fun loving cat lover.  Relax, Jean, the CatButler, is at your service.

I aim to please and   It's my job to nurture both Human and Feline.  Thank you for supporting my one woman business and it is my honor to become your CatButler!

Call Jean The CatButler at 425-615-6353 and set up a complimentary meet and greet to cover the specifics